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About us

What started as a "I think I can do that" turned in to a year long journey of research into how to do that, lots of practices, some fails and some successes. 

What started as a "I want that shirt but I am not a junior fit" turned into a process of ordering one shirt after another after another, trying it on, washing it and wearing and washing it again to see how it would hold up.

We officially became I Shine By Design in January of 2014 very nervous about our small investment of a $300 heat press and the cost to register our business.

We started in a small corner of my home office and we have now taken over the bonus room and are slowing overflowing into the guest room and the attic.  

We have jumped from one heat press to two.  One cutter to four.  Added a hat press and we now staff 3-4 throughout the year and up to 6 during baseball and football season. 

As I write this today, almost five years later, I am so excited about launching our website.  We grew this business slowing over time with no advertising or promotions.  It was completely you, our customers, and word of mouth, referrals and reorders.  We can't thank you enough and are excited to bring you an avenue to see and order all our current designs. 

As always you can email us at ishinebydesign@gmail.com with your custom requests.